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Away – Engine & Wheel Degreaser Overview

Formulated to remove heavy soil, brake dust and grease found on aircraft safely and effectively. AWAY is an environmentally friendly degreaser. It is a must that our degreaser perform to the very highest quality standards removing all dirt, soil, grease or brake dust from the surface of aircraft while being gentle on sensitive components and specially treated surfaces. AWAY degreaser will replace a shelf or two of cleaning products in your garage. It works as a bug & tar remover, a wheel cleaner, a tire cleaner and an engine degreaser. AWAY cleaner is powerful enough to cut through
grease on engines and baked-on brake dust…even on roughcast aluminium wheels. Tar, sap, and bugs will break down in just a matter of seconds.

Product Application

For cleaning dirty, greasy and grimy areas. Works well on tires, wheel wells and engines, and is great for taking tough stains out of vinyl wraps.

Directions for use

Apply AWAY to the soiled area, working in small sections at a time. Wipe or scrub the surface lightly as required, while keeping the surface wet. Rinse the area with clean water and dry surface with a dry, clean microfibre towel or allow to air dry. Follow with FINALE to remove any streaks. Test on a small incon­spicuous spot first to check for any issues.

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